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Voice Coach

Our trainer has worked as a full-time actress, drama lecturer, and voice coach for both children and adults. She provides elocution and voice training for private and professional clients.

She has designed and delivered voice training programmes on behalf of Creative Media Europe in Germany, Portugal and Ireland - to add gravitas and confidence in presentations, with special emphasis on accent reduction and articulation.

This course provides a host of positive vocal techniques to help you use your voice to command your listener's attention, to influence their perception of your ideas, and to communicate with greater impact. 


Voice Coaching Course Includes

•   Voice and pronunciation training
•   Accent softening

•   Accent reduction
•   Vocal clarity
•   Diction
•   Modulation
•   Alexander Technique
•   Breath control
•   Relaxation techniques
•   Correction of speech faults (lisp, stutter/stammer)
•   Producing the 'R' Sound
•   Confidence building
•   Cultural acclimatisation
•  Accents for actors - including Irish, standard American and RP



Voice Coaching Course Also Features

Online Voice Coaching Training

We provide tailored online learning support for all clients. This includes an extensive range of customized course notes and audiovisual materials.

Business Meeting

Course Delivery

One to One

The course includes bespoke one-to-one voice coaching instruction.

Small Group

These are lunch-time espresso sessions held for your staff at your office in key areas of voice coaching training.

Online Course

One-to-one instruction session online in Voice-Coaching.