Could you benefit from this Course?

Studying, working, or looking for a job? This course will train young professionals and boost your communication and work skills. This course eases candidates into the world of work and gives them the skills necessary to become part of the larger team.




Young Adults & Student Course Includes

Presentation & Interview Skills

This effective Presentation skill training is designed to enable participants, to develop their confidence and competence to communicate effectively. You will learn the skills to influence others through communication and deliver your message with impact. Our interview training will give you the skills to make an impact and secure that dream job.

Business Etiquette

We prepare participants to handle a variety of social and business situations: networking events, business meetings, business meals and more.

CV & Coverletter Development

Voice Coaching

Learn to control your voice.  Balance pitch with volume.  Be clear and convincing yet balanced and poised. Learn to deliver a presentation that commands attention and is guaranteed to keep listeners involved and active. We also deliver elocution and accent softening. All of this is also available online via Skype.

Poise & Deportment

With Derek Daniels, owner of Assets Model Agency in Ireland who has over 20 years experience in the fashion and deportment industry

Developed with Hugh Clarke, this feature will help to design and create a comprehensive and impressive CV, in order to effectively market yourself to decision-makers in employment.

Course Delivery

One to One

The course includes bespoke one-to-one instruction in a number of key business communication areas.

Group Session

These are group sessions held for students in key areas of professional and business training.

Online Course

One-to-one instruction session online in Voice-Coaching, Presentation & Interview skills, CV Appraisal and Improvement.