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Skype Calls

Updated: Apr 2, 2020

Skype is a valuable business tool, it is a great way to increase the connectedness of the conversation.

1.Choose your location wisely, secure a quiet spot with good lighting and a neutral background. Eliminate all distractions including your mobile phone. If you have to take the meeting when you are in a noisy area, explain the situation. Use a headset in this case you pick up less interference and keep the call confidential.

2. Instead of a handshake, the best way to get started is to smile, give a nod and lean in slightly. It gives the impression that you are professional and personable. DO NOT reach your hand forward awkwardly close to the camera in a fake handshake attempt! The best way to start a conversation is to send a quick message via skype asking if the person is free and that the appointed time still works for them.

3. Eye contact is crucial, so be sure to look into the camera at all times. Don’t keep looking at yourself at the bottom corner of the screen!

4. Dress appropriately, in a suit or normal work attire. Maintain good posture, avoid slouching, and moving side to side, or fidgeting with a pen or anything else that may indicate that you are distracted. Keep noise distractions to a minimum. Tapping or background noises can come across louder to the other person.

5. Remember all Skype for business calls are recorded so you can play them back in case you need to refresh your memory on details discussed, and so can they!

6. When you connect with others on Skype they will be able to see certain profile information about you by default. Be aware what your Skype status, location, and other profile details are saying and ensure they are appropriate and accurate when using Skype for business.

7. The quality of Skype calls is greatly enhanced by using good quality headphones, so you can save your colleague the discomfort of noise loops.

8. Conduct yourself with the same poise and professionalism as you would at a face to face meeting.

If you mind your Skype manners you will be prepared to forge meaningful business relationships regardless of the distance.

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