Consultant to Management & Board of Directors

He has been in senior management with major US multinationals and with George Wimpey Plc and Diageo Plc in the UK.

He is a Fellow of the Institute of Chartered Accountants, a Member of the Institute of Internal Auditors as well as the Institute of Risk Management where he is a member of its Audit & Risk cub-Committee of the Institute's Board. 

He also specializes in providing the requisite skills that include Change Management, Leadership, Critical Decision Making, Influencing skills, Effective Negotiation, Body Language Recognition, and Conflict Resolution skills to management worldwide who needs to revise, renew, and repower their pre-Corona inter-personal skills to succeed in the current Corona and post Corona business environment that will become the “new normal”


The course will cover the following topics

Business Continuity Planning

In brief, the Risk Management approach in 2.1 enables Business Continuity Planning to be a natural extension and subset of the Risk Management approach, through the use of Mitigation strategies and tactics. Critically, it should be noted that formulating a Business Continuity Plan in a vacuum where the underlying Risk Management practices are absent could be in itself a major Risk.

Supply Chain Optimisation

This training session covers the key aspects and techniques for optimising its supply chain operations. Every business, whether manufacturing, trading, or service has supply chains, so too has the general public - every time they shop they are at the end of a supply chain. In the current environment of Covid, a likely economic recession, and - especially, for Irish businesses trading with the UK directly or indirectly somewhere along their supply chains - the Brexit effect - supply chain optimisation is a significant aspect of future success.

Selling and Influencing Skills

Selling is the foundation of our commercial world. Improving our selling and communications skills builds confidence, stronger relationships, and trust. This course looks at how we build influence, how to identify and engage with people who have different communications styles, and provides a structured approach to selling with confidence. Selling virtually presents new and different challenges, and this course addresses techniques to deal with the new reality.

Develop your business vision & culture

How quickly have you chosen to react and flex your vision and culture? How do you want to reset your aims and goals in our new normal? This session supports leadership teams as they unpack what they stand for, and to agree a clear and aligned vision for the future.

Remodelling the Business

In a consistently evolving business environment and landscape, businesses need to change their Business Model to adapt to the new environment. Traditional techniques such as BPR (Business Process Re-engineering) can take up to 2 years to research the numerous elements of a business that require remodelling. The modern Remodeling techniques that will be provided as part of the integrated Programme take a maximum of 2 weeks to identify the critical elements for change. Importantly, the techniques enable the business management to pinpoint the hidden element driving their business success, or lack thereof.

Substituting AI (Artificial Intelligence) in Operating the Business

This seminar will take delegates through the origins of algorithms, Big Data, and the Cloud, the foundations of AI. Training will demonstrate how and where AI can be adopted in businesses even in basic areas such as Excel spreadsheets, which were time-consuming and cumbersome but are now outmoded and superseded by faster, more accurate, AI-enhanced successors.

Change Management

When we are faced with change like Covid-19 has caused, how we did things six months ago simply does not work today, and might not work for the foreseeable future. This affects not only our business processes and operating norms, but the morale and motivation of staff and even the highest performers are struggling to cope with the many aspects of change that Covid-19 has brought to our day-to-day lives. This course covers proven strategies for dealing with change, and how to manage sustained change as it evolves.

Develop your customer service strategy

How confident are you that your customers will always receive the right service at the right time? Do you have a clear customer service strategy? How relevant is that strategy now that Covid-19 has tipped the way we work upside down? What are your customers looking for and how do you re-evaluate your strategy? As well as encouraging you to answer these questions, this session supports leadership teams in developing a compelling, consistent, and relevant strategy for delivering aspirational customer service.

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