American Business Etiquette

Work more effectively in North America by discovering the social etiquette and business etiquette norms of the United States of America.


If you work in the international diplomatic, governmental, corporate, private or public service arena, we will help you advance yourself and your teams by building your protocol knowledge to a highly-respected advisory position. We offer fundamental courses as well as on-going consulting for individuals and groups working within Embassies, Consulates, High Commissions and other Governmental offices in Ireland.

International Etiquette Course Includes

For global leaders who need to transform, build and manage across International boundaries. This workshop aims to enhance global leadership and Management Skills.

  • Embassy and Diplomatic Personnel

  • Meeting Planners

  • Special Event Planners

  • Corporate and Public Affairs Managers

  • Hosts Who Receive International Personnel

  • International Corporate and Government Representatives

  • Administrative Professionals

  • Private Consultants

  • Etiquette and Protocol Consultants

  • Global Entrepreneurs

Business Meeting

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