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Meet The Team

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Esther Doorly


Esther holds a BA (Hons) in Professional Theatre Studies and a LAMDA Diploma (with Honours) in Speech and Education. She won a full scholarship to attend the prestigious Royal Birmingham Conservatoire.

Esther has worked as a full-time actress, drama lecturer and voice coach for both children and adults. She provides elocution and voice training for private and professional clients.

She has designed and delivered voice training programmes on behalf of Creative Media Europe in Germany, Portugal and Ireland - to add gravitas and confidence in presentations, with special emphasis on accent reduction and articulation.

Her career as an actress and voice coach gives her a unique ability to communicate with authenticity and impact.


Voice, Accent and Pronunciation
•   Accent Reduction
•   Vocal Clarity
•   Diction
•   Modulation
•   Alexander Technique
•   Breath Control
•   Relaxation Techniques
•   Correction of Speech Faults (lisp, stutter/stammer) 
•   Producing the 'R' Sound
•   Public Speaking & Presentation Skills
•   Interview & CV Preparation
•   Confidence Building
•   Cultural Acclimatisation
•   Accents for actors - including Irish, standard American and RP

Dennis Kelly

Silver Service Training

Dennis Kelly has over 40 years experience in high-class catering.

 He has been Maitre D at Kings Inn, Dublin Castle and Farmleigh House.

Liam Campbell

Wine and Spirits Expert

Liam Campbell holds a diploma in Wines & Spirits, production and commercial. He has written many reviews on wine and drinks. He was the wine and drinks editor in the “Weekend” Saturday edition of the Irish Independent newspaper and is a tasting panellist for International Taste and Quality Institute.

Mary Hall

Managing Director of Hallmark Training

Her distinguished career includes roles in accommodation management, many years as a specialist trainer with CERT and Fáilte Ireland, roles in management development with Cornell University and consultancy projects overseas.  

Keavy O'Sullivan

Writer in Residence 

Keavy has built her professional career around her passion for the written word. Since its foundation in 2016, she has worked as a ‘Writer in Residence’ with a number of organizations and individuals from Ireland and beyond, and across a variety of industries. She uses her skills in content production and editing to produce high quality, personalized content for her clients for any occasion. 

Michael Keogh

Social Media Consultant

Michael owns his own marketing agency and has worked solely in the digital space for over ten years.  His specialist knowledge of how to create and present your message across all digital platforms is invaluable. 

Esther Doorly


Esther has worked as a full-time actress, drama teacher and voice coach for over 20 years, and provides elocution and voice training to private and professional clients including the European Broadcasting Union.

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Joseph McGuire

Non-Verbal Communication Expert


My mission is to inspire the creation of exceptional business relationships by revealing the clues to personality, behaviour and performance hidden in clear sight.

Orla McAuliffe

Founder and CEO of the

 Professional Training Centre 

which is a leading provider of corporate training solutions. Orla has 25 years of experience working in Management and the Corporate Sector.

Annette Kinne

Communications Consultant 

Annette Kinne has over 25 years of experience in the TV Industry including Sky News and RTE, she now delivers training and consultancy in Communications.

Derek Daniels

Poise & Deportment

Derek Daniels is an internationally acclaimed fashion and deportment specialist with over 20 years of experience in the fashion industry.

Rob Condon

Business Style 

Rob has being at the helm of the fashion industry for the past 9 years and contributes to several Irish TV productions, including Ireland AM and Xposé, revealing his style secrets to the nation.

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