Diversity & Inclusion Consultant 

Our trainer enables senior leaders to perform more effectively as individuals and as a  community of peers at personal, team and organisational levels. With over 25 years of operational experience in senior roles, her expertise and insight are vital in challenging traditional or complacent thinking, and she is passionate about nurturing the art of really good dialogue in resolving most situations.



With evolving societal and generational conditions and a  cultural clash between military and civilian hiring teams, the impact was being felt on numbers recruited into the army.

Demographic differences, lack of understanding and incongruence in leadership styles and the impact of cognitive biases were leading to a poor experience for people interested in joining up. This was resulting in many people dropping out of the process because they didn’t feel valued.


Focused on developing inclusive leadership skills and raising awareness of the impact of inherent biases in dialogue. A 2-  day training programme ensured a  more collaborative working relationship between the two teams, and a toolkit provided in-the-moment support.

Diversity can be defined as your mix of people, while inclusion can be defined by how well your people mix.


  • ·Defining what D&I is and is not

  • ·The social, moral and economic value of inclusive  cultures

  • ·Dispelling the myths and legends around D&I

  • ·Identity - how our journey shapes our perspective on  how we interact with the world

  • ·Demographic and cognitive diversity (expanding  our thinking)

  • ·Perspective blindness (our view of the world is limited

  • by our own viewpoint)

  • ·The impact of exclusion (our personal experiences)  and leaning into the conversation

  • ·Three things leaders can do immediately to enable  inclusion

  • ·Visible, demonstrable commitment – what will I  commit to as a result of this session?

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