This course is delivered in partnership with TechGuard.

Problem: Your users are the weakest link in your IT Security. Phishing and Social engineering are the number one security threats. The resulting data breaches and ransomware attacks are causing devastating effects. The best  technology protecting your network is useless if your users aren’t adequately trained and tested to defend against them. Research proves, training & testing users can reduce cyber-attacks by up to 95%. It’s time to strengthen your last line of defence - your users. 

Training Liberary

General Cyber Security Awareness Training 

Popular & Recommended Modules

  • Comprehensive Security Awareness Training

  • Condensed Security Awareness Training

  • Intermediate Security Awareness Training

Training Modules Threat-specific modules to keep staff informed

  • GDPR

  • CEO Fraud

  • Ransomware

  • Common Threats

  • The Danger Zone 

  • Strong Passwords

  • Safe Web Browsing

  • Mobile Device Security

  • PCI Compliance Simplified

  • Ransomware for Hospitals

  • Social Engineering Reg Flags

  • Basics of Credit Card Security

  • Your Role, Internet Security and You

  • Handling Sensitive Information Securely

  • Financial Institution - Physical Security

  • Financial Institution - GLBA Compliance Course

Baseline training for all staff 

Highest-rating training modules by our clients

  • General Data Protection Regulation  G.D.P.R Training

  • Working from Home Securely

  • Ransomware

 Executive Series Short modules for executives and board members 

  • CEO Fraud

  • Mobile Device Security

  • Ransomware and Bitcoin

  • Securely Working from Home

  • Decision-Maker Email Threats

  • Social Engineering the Executive

  • Remote and Travel Wi-Fi Dangers

  • Secure Destruction of Sensitive Data

  • Social Media Precautions for Executives

  • Safe Web Browsing with Company Devices

Additional Training Content 

  • Additional Compliance Modules

  • Cyber Security Interactive Games

  • Additional Interactive Learning Modules & Videos

  • Additional Cyber Security Awareness Posters

  • Soft Skills, Microsoft Office, Resilience, Inclusion etc

Micro Module Staff Series 

Short modules for employees

  • USB Attack

  • Ransomware

  • Email Spoofing

  • Social Engineering

  • Strong Passwords

  • Safe Web Browsing

  • Danger Zone Exercise

  • Social Media Best Practices

  • Credit Card Security

  • Handling Sensitive Data Securely

Course Delivery

 The online training is interactive with quizzes and simulated threats to help staff learn. An online certificate is awarded on completion. We track & report on the training progress. Training can be started/paused as needed. Training is provided to new staff at induction. Users assessed post baseline training, knowledge gaps identified, and annual training plan drafted accordingly.