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This intensive courses will propel you into the international arena by enhancing your knowledge of:

  • Official protocol and events organization

  • Strategies for coordinating high-level international meetings, conferences and VIP visits

  • Techniques for organizing official meals, formal banquets, and high-profile social events

  • Contemporary international social and business etiquette and best practices

  • Developing verbal diplomacy and writing skills

  • Enhancing cross-cultural awareness and communication skills

  • Understanding precedence and deference

  • Maneuvering official dining protocols of international scale

  • Hands-on international dining tutorials (European, Asian and Middle Eastern)

  • English, French and International seating protocols

  • Titles and forms of address

  • Royal etiquette and protocol

  • Signing ceremonies

  • Formal receiving lines and reception lines

  • Flag etiquette, anthems and other important “details”

  • Formal, official and ceremonial dress codes

  • Cross-cultural negotiations

  • Global gift-giving protocols

  • Interactive activities and case studies regarding commonly experienced protocol-related situations

Working Silhouettes
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