Could you benefit from a Professional Etiquette Course?
Businessman in Suit

Partnered with Etiquette School of Ireland, we prepare participants to handle a variety of social and business situations: networking events, business meetings, business meals and more. If you want to leverage yourself for the success you deserve in both your personal and professional life and discover how to master the new codes of contemporary business and social etiquette both at home and abroad.


 Numerous studies indicate that 55% of personal judgments are made based on a person’s appearance and manners, 7% on his or her speech and 35% on his or her voice



This course has been designed to enable you to master these all-important “soft skills” that will catapult you to a higher level in your personal and professional life, thereby making a positive first and lasting impression every time.


This Course Includes

Presentation & Interview Skills

This effective Presentation skill training is designed to enable participants to develop their confidence and competence to communicate effectively. You will learn the skills to influence others through communication and deliver your message with impact. Our interview training will give you the skills to make an impact and secure that dream job.


Learn to control your voice.  Balance pitch with volume.  Be clear and convincing, yet balanced and poised. Learn to deliver a presentation that commands attention and is guaranteed to keep listeners involved and active. We also deliver elocution and accent softening. All of this is also available online via Skype.

Dining Etiquette

 Delivered by certified Etiquette Consultant of the International Etiquette and Protocol Academy of London. Learn table manners and how to look professional during a lunch/dinner meeting, with tips for dining manners and exercises on how to hold cutleries properly. The purpose and use of different sets of fork, spoons, and knives.

Networking Skills

This professional development course will teach participants the magic of networking and mingling during an official or social event. Thie programme will help you understand the social nuance of international societies.

Poise & Deportment

With Derek Daniels, learn how to walk with charisma and maintain a positive body language and posture and claim the attention.

Business Style 

Learn the art of dressing your best, for a daily office look or official meetings and networking events, through a close assessment of what suits you and your body type.

Business Etiquette Course Also Features


A two-hour training program over lunch with a business etiquette instructor, which includes our corporate protocol and dining etiquette curriculum.

Business Meeting


A one hour and thirty-minute concentrated workshop on dining etiquette, including a snack to practice using cutlery. Topics covered (workbook included) range from how to properly hold cutlery and how to taste/order wine, to conversation topics and client entertaining.

Table Setting

Course Delivery

Business Day Courses

The course includes bespoke one-to-one instruction and a number of key business communication areas.

Business Short Courses

These are lunch-time espresso sessions held for your staff at your office in key areas of business communication.

Business Online Course

One-to-one instruction session online in Voice-Coaching, Presentation & Interview skills, CV Appraisal and Improvement.